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A community for all of us who make films using their iPhone and iOS devices.

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Interview with Radium Cheung, Co-Director of Photography “Tangerine” Watch it!



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Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winning Film! Watch it here.

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Welcome to iPhoneFilmMaker and the Original iPhone Film Festival

It’s exciting times here at iPhoneFilmMaker – homebase of  the iOS filmmaking community & Original iPhone Film Festival – the premier online event for storytellers shooting with cutting edge technology Apple iOS devices iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

First, thank you to all the 2015 iPhoneFilmMaker entries.   Congrats to all the category finalists chosen by our judges! It is now time for you the iPhoneFilmMaker and the public to pick the Grand Prize Winner of The 2015 Original iPhone Film Festival

Second, our public voting page featuring the judges category finalists is live and in the next two weeks  the public vote will pick the OIFF grand prize winner – very exciting indeed.  As always, we’ll have a Great Grand Prize and this festival it’s ….an Apple Watch!

We’re continuing to build and add offerings to the iPhone Filmmaker side as well. We’ll keep you current on the world of iPhone filmmaking; offer tips, reviews and a Store full of cool gear, accessories and apps; and connect you to this evolving community of pros and enthusiasts alike. Of course you’ll also be able to browse our Watch gallery – chock full of interesting videos made with the iPhone.

We believe everyone has a story to tell and OIFF/iPF is the place to share it.  Thanks for helping us grow this site and we’re excited to see what you’ve created.  So get out there with your iPhone and shoot something!

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