1937 Novel Nature – Music Video

From the Director:

Film Description:

The music video is made up of a sequence of images that mesh well together, much like the phonetic flow of words in a poem. I think music videos demand a story that isn’t nearly as straightforward or transparent as film. In this case, the story is largely interpretive.

With an iPhone, it’s easier to get away with that sort of approach. It’s also more difficult to take yourself seriously, so it all balances out.

Tech Talk – How did you do it?

It was one hell of a challenge. I scouted, directed, shot, edited and colored the project myself (I prefer to work solo or in small teams whenever possible). Most of the locations were located a few hours off the beaten path, which isn’t a problem when you are by yourself. Even with a small crew, morale isn’t necessarily “more” difficult to gauge, especially during instances where you’ve tasked the talent with dragging a wheelbarrow up a 700-foot mountain for the sake of staying in character. Just make sure you’ve packed excess weight in food, water and laughs.

Apps: Videon (capturing, formatting)

Software: Davinci (coloring), Premiere Pro (editing)

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