From the Director:
Film Description: Larry arrived Hollywood to pursue his dreams as a Sci-fiction writer. With only a suitcase and a few dollars on his pocket he decides to stay in the City of The Angels for a while and escape the pain left at home by his father’s death, reason why decides to write novels. Now in town, he needed a place to stay and without notice ends up in an old Hollywood suburban house. During the first days at the place, he met his roommate, Billy, an unemployed Hollywood actor. Billy it’s a schizophrenic and during one his trance offers Larry one of his medications, a gateway to altered states of conscience. Like devil seducing a child, Billy convinces him to swallow the pill that moves Larry into a dream state where he finds himself and his fears.

Tech Talk: This is my first time recording a full project with an iphone. It was a very low budget film. The idea came to me at the time I moved to Hollywood. I started to meet a lot of people and I was very excited about produce something, but I had no camera, just my phone. The script was made in one night, no rehearsals because there was no time. It was approximately 12 Hrs of continuously shooting between exteriors and interiors. I was leaving Los Angeles the next day, so everything was quite a rush.
The film is based on a true story.

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