A South Bronx Dad -Non Fiction

From the Director:

Joseph Suarez was born and raised in the South Bronx, in one of the toughest public tenements the city of New York has to offer. He lives with his girlfriend Celeste and their four young children. In this documentary, Joseph states that he would accept his kids if any of them turn out to be gay, lesbian or transgender. The film has Joseph, Celeste and their four childern. It was directed, shot and edited by me.


How Did You Do it?

This was shot entirely with my iPhone5s. I had the iPhone lens plus three others, thanks to the Olloclip. I recorded the audio with the internal iPhone mic and it isn’t as clean as I would have liked; lesson learned. For my next iPhone film, I will have a better mic. The interview was shot at 1920×1080 and the B-roll was shot at 120fps and 1270×720, scaled to fit 1920×1080.

I downloaded the files onto my external hard-drive using Image Capture and my MacBook Pro Laptop. I edited this on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I am going to do a sound mix because the sound needs to be cleaned up.

Category: Non Fiction, 2014
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