And Uneasy Lies the Mind – Trailer

Shot Entirely on the iPhone!

And Uneasy Lies the Mind is the first narrative feature length movie to be shot entirely on the iPhone. There have been numerous “found footage” iPhone movies (and self reflexive movies in which the actors hold and talk directly to the iPhone), a couple documentaries and numerous short films, but this is the first traditional narrative feature shot entirely on the iPhone.


Peter is a freshly minted movie star. He has it all: wealth, fame and a beautiful expecting wife. When the couple’s two best friends join them at their new mountain mansion for Peter’s birthday, envy, secrets and paranoia play out behind a barren winter landscape.

Soon the two couples grow increasingly antagonistic and turn to alcohol and drugs to bury the past. When an old friend shows up unexpectedly, Peter must scramble to protect his new life. The harder he fights to hold it all together, the faster he descends into a cavernous mental abyss. As
the night grows late, Peter is forced to decipher reality from a twisting rabbit hole of truth and illusion.


Category: 2014, Showcase
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