Carolina Gold – Non Fiction

From the Director:
Film Description: “Carolina Gold’ is an episode of the “Notes from the Field” series of short environmental films distributed nationally to public television stations. The episodes air between full-length programs and provide an historical perspective of American environmental issues.

Carolina Gold (TRT: 2:00 min)
Prior to the American Civil War, rice production formed the economy and culture of the South Carolina Lowcountry. The plantation system – leading up to, during, and after its existence – profoundly affected cypress swamps, tidal flows, waterfowl migration – and human culture.

Tech Talk: The film elements include original video footage, archival photos, drawings and maps, and licensed music.

Video footage was captured on the iPhone 6 with the Filmic Pro app. The phone was stabilized with a Targus, collapsible tripod. Editing was done in FCPX.

I produce the series in my free time (by day, I am the chief financial officer of a nonprofit organization). The iPhone allows me to capture footage during business and personal travel. Unlike “broadcast” cameras, the iPhone is so discreet that I can capture footage without drawing attention to my work, and without requiring a crew and insurance. In short, the iPhone, combined with Filmic Pro, facilitates financial and creative freedom for the production process.

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