#ClimbAgainstSexualAbuse – Non Fiction

From the Director:
Film Description: Drakensberg, South Africa – Members of Climb Against Sexual Abuse and those who have survived such abuse climbed the Drakensberg-Maluti Mountains. The trek symbolises the daily physical and mental challenges a survivor faces.
The Climb Against Sexual Abuse hikers used the mountain as their metaphor — defeating their own mental demons, and raising awareness for others to do the same.
Their aim is to conquer Everest Base Camp in 2016.
eNCA reporter Yusuf Omar filmed this report on an iPhone.
Shooting with a cellphone was far less intimidating and intrusive for rape survivors, rather than shinning bright lights and a big camera lens in their faces. Many were telling their story for the first time and Omar wanted them to feel as comfortable as possible.

Tech Talk: Filmed with an iPhone 6, using a selfie stick with legs as a mini-tripod. No external microphones or lighting.
Edited offline on iPhone 6 using iMovie, with music, audio and tweets added on Final Cut Pro 7 on a Mac.
The footage in this story includes a compilation of visuals recorded on iPhone’s native camera app, screenshots of tweets, and inserts of live Skype crossings via mobile from the mountain.

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