This is a music video for a song I wrote called “Dreamers” for the band Trenton.

The song has several different meanings and themes… but in a nutshell, it is a song about the thought process of trying to get through dark times, and wanting more out of this life, and achieving that through relationships with people.

I wanted the music video to match the nostalgic and melancholy feel of the song… I used various landscapes and settings. It was shot mostly in Nashville TN, Indiana, and Alma Michigan.

This whole music video was filmed and edited on my iPhone. 1st Video app to edit, 8mm app for the filters, ReelDirector app to make some of the cool transitions and iTimelapse app for the cloud, raindrop, and bed sequences.

P.S. I produced, mixed, and engineered this whole song using nothing but Garageband on my old Macbook…

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