How To Shoot Cinematic Video With Your Phone | Filmic Pro Tutorial

An in-depth step by step expert tutorial and guide showing you how to shoot professional cinematic video with your smartphone using FiLMiC Pro.

Learn how to shoot with your smartphone and Filmic Pro in the same way a professional cinematographer sets up a digital cinema camera. Get it perfect in-camera first so you have full creative options in post production for color correction and stylistic color grading.

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FiLMic Pro Settings Menu:
– Resolution, Bitrate & Crop Source to Overlay
– Frame Rate
– Audio Settings
– Hardware
Exposure and Dynamic Range:
Auto Focus and Exposure:
Calculating Shutter Speed:
Using Neutral Density (ND & IRND) Filters:
Locking Exposure and Focus:
Setting Manual ISO and Shutter Speed:
Manual Focus:
Manual White Balance:
Clip Library:


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