How to shoot multiple camera angles by yourself! -Tips

In a continued effort to have great iPhoneFilmmaker tips all in one place we have posted a great video.

We are fans of Aviv Vana and his site Big League Film School and wanted to share yet another great tip video produced from them.

About the video: Great advice on how to up your production value by using a slider and other one man band techniques enabling

your production to  have a more polished feel. With the iPhone or iPads lightweight design, there are a tone of affordable slider and ballmount

tripods available at low cost.


Some info on Big League Film School:

Big League Film School was founded by Aviv Vana. Aviv is a cinematographer and on occasion a Director. (portfolio   After filming many successful projects and receiving many requests to help others in their filming it was time to launch the idea of bringing great cinematographers to the table to share their talents.   It all began when Aviv spent a week with an award winning cinematographer and found that his filming skills grew tremendously thereafter. It is his ability to analyze and get to the heart of the matter that has allowed him to propel his own filming. Big League Film School is the product of digging for insights from other top talents in the industry, so that we all can improve our skills in making images like the pros.




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