How to use FiLMiC Pro Tutorial- Tips

OIFF2014_videocomment logoiPhoneFilmMaker, dedicated to bringing the best iPhoneFilmMaking tips all in one place!

FiLMiC Pro is the number one App that we recommend for manual control if your iOS camera.

For those that are new to it, its the one no brainer APP to explore that gives your device manual control

overexposure, shooting modes, focus and many other features.  And for those that are familiar with it,

it’s alwaysgreat to brush up on all the features.

The team over at FiLMic Pro are dedicated to constant updates and have made a major impact on the

iPhoneFilmMaking community.

Please have a look at the tutorial they have put together on their APP- we feel it’s an essential tool to raising the

production value on your film.

Please let us know what else you would like to see in our tips section and we will be sure to post it.


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