iCoffee: Nespresso Variations – Fiction

From the Director:
Film Description: iCoffe: Nespresso Variations is a film about coffee’s transformational power. Three short sketches focus on three different women’s emotional state altered by drinking and making coffee. The stories correspond to the flavors and characteristics of particular beans of Nespresso coffee.
iCofee: Nespresso Variations is combination of classic cinematic storytelling, organic brand integration and revolutionary filmmaking through phone cameras.

Tech Talk: iCoffee is filmed on iphone5 using only available light and no external sound capturing device. This non-intrusive, one-on-one recording allows an intimate exploration of the drinking/acting process and an ease of improvisation.
Some minor post-production and color-correction are applied.

The rejection of crews, tripods, lights and sound is necessary to explore the basic possibilities and limitations of a smart phone camera.

Rather than trying to make it look like film, I made a film with it. And the entire process was different.

This approach helped to understand a visual language particular to this capturing device. It is in limitations and sometimes defects that the differences between capturing media become explicit. An exposure shift due to an uneven external and internal lighting, for example, had a surprisingly different emotional effect while captured on an iphone camera as opposed to film or digital cameras of higher caliber. The shift that would usually look as a defect on film, looked intimate and vibrant while captured on an iphone. It became a part of the story.

Another discovery was the intimate movement because of the unprecedented light weight of the phone as opposed to even small camcorders. The phone camera ‘felt’ and communicated the subtle breathing of the cinematographer – a completely new movement of the camera and the person operating it. This extremely tangible physicality of the recording device brings a unique mode of seeing and capturing the scene.

Mobility and immediacy of creating a visual experience make iphone camera to filmmaking what pencil drawing is to fine arts. The omnipresence of smartphones in society makes this brand of filmmaking democratic, universal and highly individual and intimate at the same time; unlike any media before.
The possibilities are endless and beautiful.

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