Iguana Man – Non Fiction

Film Description:

In this documentary, Lefty, also known as ‘Iguana Man,’ shares his story of how he found Iguee, his Iguana pet on a Bronx street, after it had been abused and abandoned by its former owner. Lefty is an animal lover. Everyone around the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx knows him for taking great care and providing lots of love to his pet Iguana.

Tech Talk – How did you do it?

I shot this film entirely with my iPhone5s. I had the EIM-003 microphone and this was covered by a furry windscreen. Both of these items I purchased from Euditge. In addition, I used the iStabilizer. Like, all of my iPhone films, I used Image Capture to download the movie files from my phone to my external hard-drive, via my MacBook Pro Laptop. I edited this on Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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