My Home Away From Home -Non Fiction

From the Director: This is a real story about a lady who is disabled due to the stroke. She was attacked by high blood pressure and paralysed . A country like Nepal life for disabled people is very hard . A young boy recently been to his home country Nepal and experienced his grand mother’s confrontation being a disabled. He gets curious about the disabled and aged people and realises that there are lots of people like his grand mother having very hard life. Finally he comes to the conclusion that his uncle and aunty are looking after his grandmother with a great effort. He shares his story about his visit to see his grand parent on holiday in Nepal . Language in English.   How Did You Do it? This documentary film has been filmed and edited by using the iPhone 5 IOS 7. More than 95% of footage have been filmed by iPhone 3 , iPhone 5 and few of them are re shoot by iPhone 5. This film has been edited by iPhone 5 and upload to the youtube by iphone5

Category: Non Fiction, 2014
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