PARAMETRIC – Non Fiction

From the Director:
Film Description: Plot –

The endless needs of the mankind caused disruption. Disruption that destroys nature ignoring the fact that humans are a part of nature. Thus, as nature destroys… so will the mankind.

Take a step back…think for a moment…if you are the last man to stand on earth…how will you ensure your survival? Will you be satisfied to live in a desert full of thorns?

Even if you realize your mistakes at this point, there is no turning back. dreaming of a greener earth is possible, but…will this dream come true, if you ignore the causes of the climate changes?

Tech Talk: We used iPhone 6plus 128GB model with fiLMIC Pro to shoot 100% of this movie. And used “Zhiyun-tech Z1 Smooth” gimbal for the smooth handheld shots. All done in available light and used only a reflector for some shots. And added visual effects like rotoscoping, matchmoving by Adobe Media and Entertainetment packages and Edit done in Adobe Premiere, Color graded in Adobe Speedgrade.

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