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OIFF2014_videocomment logoPhilip Bloom and his site is one of the best resources for gear reviews and filmmaking tips in general. Like most filmmakers out there, we are big fans. So it was a real

treat for us to see Mr. Bloom put the iPhone 5s through its paces when it comes to 120 fps. You can see his full article directly on his site and the details are below. In the meantime you

can catch his video right here on Thanks Mr. Bloom!


From Phillip Bloom:

For details on how I dealt with the footage and coloured it in post plus much more read my blog post here:

Graded with Film Convert 10% off with code “bloom” or click here:
also Red Giant’s Colorista II. 10% off the Colour suite with code “bloom10” here:

Music courtesy of The Music Bed
Brooke Annibale: Under Streetlights

Shot in Tallinn Estonia on a lovely afternoon and on my flight back to Helsinki.

All handheld, no rig.

Thanks to Anna Stocco, Mart Haamer, James Miller and Megan Clay-Jones


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