RecoLive MultiCam Tutorial 1-Tip

Another hot topic is how to use multiple iOS Devices at the same time AND do a real time edit.

What? This is possible? But I thought I needed a professional studio and lots of money to do something

like this don’t I? Nope- worry no more.

RecoLive MultiCam is a great app that seems to have gotten “the balance right.” (Depeche Mode anyone?)

This description is right from RecoLive themselves:

Give your talents as a director free reign. Use your iPad or iPhone as a production switcher and additional iPhones or iPods as video cameras to be able to shoot as if you were in an actual television studio. View all cameras simultaneously, combine images together from several cameras, create transitions from one camera to another, and do it all live! Save your work in Full HD and share it with your friends.


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