Shockwave Begins – Student

From the Director:
Film Description: A random lab experiment mishap created a new Super Hero and Super Villain. Both brothers developed powers they never imagined and face off in an epic battle of good and evil.

Tech Talk: A couple friends and I were looking for something to do and started talking about super heros and thought it would be cool to make our own super hero in a movie. We started looking in the Apps Store for some good super power effects that our hero could have and we found an app called “Super Powers FX” and decided roles and plot and got to work using I-Movie with my dad’s I-Pad Air. We were at our cabin up north so we didn’t have a lot of props so we got creative, like mixing paint and water to make “chemicals”. It took us about a day to shoot, and few more to edit. It was a lot of fun and we have already started our next “Shockwave” movie!

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