Shutter Speed for Smartphone Video Explained feat. Moondog Labs ND Filter Kit

Learn how to get the film look on your iPhone or Android by adjusting shutter speed in this epic tutorial featuring the Moondog Labs ND Filter Kit and FiLMiC Pro, which allows you to shoot in full sun and maintain the 180 degree shutter rule for filmic motion.

For filmmakers and photographers, the shutter speed makes up one part of what’s called the exposure triangle, along with aperture and ISO – and the photographer or videographer uses an interplay of all three of these to achieve correct exposure and the desired look. The shutter speed determines how long each frame of your video is exposed for, and is measured in fractions of a second, and you can use shutter speed to control the motion blur, or lack there of in your shot.

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In this video you’ll learn about the important role shutter speed plays in not only correctly exposing your shot correctly on an iPhone, but also in achieving the much sought after ‘film look’ on a mobile device through its impact on motion blur, and how you can set this manually using FiLMiC Pro with the Moondog Labs Filter Kit for pretty incredible results.

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