The Legend of Lobo Malo – Fiction (Explicit Language)

From the Director:
Film Description: When a group of thugs kill two barbers while robbing a barber shop, a young customer warns the group that Lobo Malo will get revenge. An old blind man at the shop explains that the ground the shop is built on is sacred and legend is that Lobo Malo protects the holy land. The unofficial leader of the gang scoffs at the warning, dismissing it as a fairy tale. No man can turn into a wolf. But when three exotic women show up at the robbers’ lair that evening, the fairy tale becomes a cautionary one as the four men struggle to stay alive. Throat slashings, a disenbowelment, and a neck breaking all add to the campy fun of this modern day fairy tale–minus the fairy. Lobo Malo and his pack are hell bent on revenge, teaching the most important lesson of the robbers’ lives– they should never have killed his barber.

Tech Talk: Shot on iPhone 6 with use of iPhone external lens.

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