The Ride – Fiction

From the Director:
Film Description: In sudden morning our brothers realised that this year was their Last year of college and soon they will go out in their respective fields and relation will be there but no enjoyment. Life will be there but responsibilities will take over. So they sought to use the last year to fullest. Me and my friends accompanied them in their shoot and lastly they allowed us to use their video in this competition. A full awesome bike experience with people like you and me. Lets roll in the North India with ice above and no boundaries. A 5 minute thrilling video to give u a real essence of what’s the North India known for and how boys love the two wheels.
Made and Directed by:-
1.Soumyajit Dutta
2.Subhajit Mondal.
3.Anirban Roy

Tech Talk: There’s no secret formula on how did we do it. One fine morning when I got notified about this festival , somehow my neurons told “Lets do it bro”. And we all three sought to make the best of rest 48 hours we had before deadline. It wasn’t easy due to our Exams on 1st September and then the stereotype Indian Family Minds. But we sought to our aim of making it and lastly in 4 hours we came up with what we can present. And heres what we sought for.

Shooted by one of brothers IPhone this is what we came to lastly

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