Urban Forests – Non Fiction

From the Director:
Film Description: “Urban Forests” is an episode from the Emmy-nominated environmental history series, Notes from the Field, which is distributed to public television stations nationally. The episodes air between full-length programs, typically during primetime.

Synopsis: Not often thought of as “forests,” urban forests include all city trees: those on parkways; in parks, forest preserves; and on private property. Beyond providing shade and beauty, the urban forest cleans air, captures and cleans water, supports biodiversity, and conserves energy. This episode traces the evolution of urban forestry, from conceptual framework to active management. TRT = 2:00 min

Tech Talk: Camera: iPhone 6 and Filmic Pro app
Field Audio: Zoom H4n
Camera Support: Manfratto 055XB tripod, Glide Gear 26″ slider
Edit, Color Grading, VO Recording: FCPX
Voiceover Gear: Audio-Technica AT2020 mic, Centrex Micport Pro XLR to USB preamp, JamStand mic stand, Shure PS-6 popper stopper w/gooseneck, Auray mic stand reflection filter

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