The nice thing about having an online film festival is that you’re not a slave to the calendar. TheOriginal iPhone Film Festival was inaugurated in 2011 — there hasn’t yet been another. But co-founder Matthew Dessner said there’s a good reason for that: They’ve been waiting for hardware improvements. Now, with Apple gearing up for a new iPhone version in the fall, he and partner Corey Rogers are ready for the next edition. “It was time again to open a call for entries for the new films being made,” Dessner said. Deadline is Nov. 1; films need to be made with an iPhone; and there is no entry fee.

In the interim, the co-founders have gotten hundreds more submissions. In 2011, they received 225 submissions, and since the most recent call for entries went out, they already have received more than 100. New this year is a student category, along with those for fiction, nonfiction and musicvideo. Most films are three to five minutes long.  Macworld, Filmic Pro, the PadCaster, iStabilizer, Action Life Media and OlloClip are among the fest’s sponsors.

Judges include Yahoo Tech’s David Pogue; directors Marcus Nispel, Jon Alpert & Matthew O’Neill; BAFTA/NY’s Christina Thomas; Molly Thompson of A+E Indiefilms; and HBO’s Jason Kliot. In the meantime, other iPhone fests have taken place (with some of the same sponsors), but neither founder sees them as competition. “Just like Cannes doesn’t care about Tribeca, we just feel, ‘The more the merrier,” Rogers said.

Variety: Original iPhone Film Fest Enters Second Iteration

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