Vessel – Music Video

3rd Place | Vessel


An attempt to faithfully represent the song’s message and showcase the ills and frustrations plaguing the economy and the angst-laden individuals struggling to alter their conditions.

The project was compiled principally in Final Cut Pro 7 in conjunction with AE CS5 to facilitate retiming the transitionary moves. A slew of plugins were used: MagicBullet Colorista for color correction, Denoiser, Twitch, Trapcode Suite, Maya, Mental Ray, PTrack, Photoshop, and Compressor to generate final H.264 output at 320×180.

We also used FilmicPro which enabled me to dial in a constant frame rate rather than have to convert VFR after the fact. I used a SnapMount for the A-cam which filmed the images that appear in the video.

Although heavily effected, every frame was captured using a single iPhone 4s. The phones pictured within the frame were iPhone4, and yes, they were actually present within the setups. The phones themselves were not comped, but their screens were.

I viewed this project as an exploration of corner pinning and nesting to the extreme, and also felt the technique complemented the song, as well as the festival’s prime directive. We live in a new age of content creation and delivery, and the “”vessel”” of choice for MANY at this point is the iPhone for its ease of use, flexibility and utility as a professional capture device.

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