Whorled Explorations – Non Fiction

From the Director:
Film Description: 94 artists from 30 countries explore global and colonial fault lines at the 2014-2015 art biennale in Kochi, India, a unique new hotspot on the international art fair circuit. The biennale is unique for its largely non-western perspectives and for its location. Kochi, in the Indian state of Kerala, is a former spice trade hub where Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews have lived peacefully together for over 1000 years. Kochi, also known as the Venice of southern India, is a visually striking city with a vast hinterland of “backwaters,” or lagoons, lakes, and canals. The film highlights some of the most dramatic and striking art and the watery atmospherics.

Tech Talk: I filmed it on iPhone 5. Editing is done in Avid.

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