Freddy and Barbara – Music Video

From the Director:

Film Description & Language Transcriptions
Music Video for the Song “Freddy and Barbara.”
Freddy and Barbara are characters who live in the cracks of a New York City that now has little room for the broken and brilliant. They live off the last subway stop in Brooklyn – Sea Gate – just west of Coney Island. Boss Tweed went there to escape Tammany Hall and Al Capone hid out there from the law. I hid out there for two years in 2008 and 2009. I would sit on the steps of my landlady’s finished basement and listen to the Hasidic women tell stories about cheating husbands as she did their nails. At night, Freddy and Barbara would whip up the stillness with their charged bouts of romance and madness.

Tech Talk – How did you do it?
Shot the entire video on an iPhone 4S. I used the ALM MCAM Lite with wide angle lens and without. I used the 8mm app on the Noir setting.
It was edited in IMOVIE.

Category: Music Video, 2014
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