Mrachnye Shchi Feel like God – Music Video

From the Director:
Film Description: This video illustrates the name of the band – “Mrachnye Shchi”. In Russian, the term ‘shchi’, besides the cabbage soup, describes a person’s face that has been, or is about to get, bashed in. “Mrachnye” means “grim”. What first strikes the eye as you start playing funk and rock’n’roll in the streets of Moscow are the immensely morbid faces of passing pedestrians. That’s why they are “Mrachnye Shchi”… There may be some details in our video that might seem strange to the people who don’t live in Russia – some typical Russian stuff. These black & orange stripes on the tv screen are St George’s ribbon – it’s a military symbol in Russia, people who support Ukranian war attach St George’s ribbons to their cars and clothes to say “We support war and hate liberalism”. They are inspired by the tv propaganda. This red building is Lenin’s mausoleum, a symbol of the Soviet regime. Most people smile and take photos in front of it, though Lenin destroyed the Russian Church and killed a lot of people. The dog in the underground is believed to bring luck to those who touch it though it brings nothing but infection.
In our video we show the only possible reaction on the world around us.

Tech Talk: I used iPhone 5s to shoot and Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my film.

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