Multiversus I

This video is about Multiversus I

Are our actions truly our own? Are we really the masters of our own destiny? Do our actions have other worldly consequences (aka the Butterfly Effect)? The honest answer I can give you is- ‘Who Knows?’
My short movie aims to give an understanding of the Omniverse and the different Multiverses that occupy it. I have always been fascinated by the Simulation Theory that says that our actions aren’t our own, and that we are being ‘controlled’ by higher beings; us being pawns in a universal game of control. This is my way of putting down my takes and thoughts on the theory into a cinematic form, a form I feel is the best mode of explanation in today’s day and age.
This film consists of 3 such Multiverses, each universe being ‘controlled’ by a more advanced one. The funny part is none of the players in this game (no pun intended) are aware of being controlled. Imagine for a second, that you are not judging what I write, but someone else with a gaming console, sitting in a another universe, is deciding how you react to what I’m writing right now. THAT’s what I aim to capture, and I hope you enjoy the film, and I hope the person controlling you makes sure you appreciate it.

I used the iPhone 6 Plus in shooting the film, and the editing was done using Final Cut Pro. The music used is composed from clips taken from Final Cut Pro and from Garageband.

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