NEW YORK – Music Video

From the Director:

Film Description & Language Transcriptions
New York is a song i wrote and recorded on my Upcoming release “The Left Side,” due out in January 2015. Harry Miller , the star of the video is a 90 year old Tap dancing WW2 vet who Ski’s. He’s lived and worked in New York City for 70 years. Tap Danced for 85. The song itself tells no one specific tale of New York life , rather paints a vivid sketch of the wins and losses each person who lives in the city achieves. ” Kick a can full of vanity down the street in the rain / around every corner , the one that got away .. In New York.”
The song was produced and mixed by Jeff Lipstein

Tech Talk – How did you do it?
I shot it on my iPhone 4S with some help from the Alm Mcam and lens adaptor. I used the Super8 app . I edited on iMovie 10.9 .
All Handheld. I shot it at 2 main locations in nYc .. The Carter Burden center for the aged and the Lenox Hill House.

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