Nonchalance – Music Video

From the Director:
Film Description: To be still or not is a beautiful state of mind not your body. This is a concept to capture the moment of that time when one feels serene, out of body experience that what if you don’t exist where you think you are and what if the world around you comes to stall. To compare, your state of body is just like any other idol,sculptures or objects that you collect and decorate in your home. These don’t move but carry a story inside. Just like that, when you are in that state of mind, your body in all capacity is nothing but another object in your home.
Often these moments are an epitome of a feeling, whether you are depressed, feeling alone, meditating, pondering on the purpose of life or just another lazy body. But the moment is beautiful.

Tech Talk: Shot fully on iPhone 5s. Edited on iMovie app on the phone itself. Uploaded to youtube and then stitched with “free music” available on Youtube editor.

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